Bowl Guys’ quest continues

Posted on Jan 7, 2016 in Alumni News, News, and Sports

The "Bowl Guys" at the 2015 Arizona Bowl | Photo by Dan StoreyYear 32 and the “Bowl Guys” keep on rolling, this time at the inaugural Arizona Bowl, Dec. 29 in Tucson, Arizona.

Shortly after their KU graduations, Tom Hall, b’82, and Brian Dixon, b’81, hatched a plan to attend every college football bowl game at least once. There were 18 such games when their journey began at the 1984 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans; three decades later, they still have eight (as the postseason lineup now stands) to check off their list.

“Brian is a little bummed because he doesn’t know when this thing is ever gonna end,” Hall, of Kansas City, told CBS in a profile published Dec. 23. “He’s of the opinion we can just finish and move on to something else. I’m like, ‘Brian, this is our life mission. No one will ever be able to repeat this accomplishment.'”

With growing fame in football circles, the guys haven’t paid for game tickets since 1990, and their quest comes with a few other ground rules: Inaugural games, final games and least-expensive venues are given priority when planning their annual excursion, and the outings come with wagers. With first choice given to the loser of the previous year’s game, Hall and Dixon pick sides, buy school gear, cheer madly, and the loser is on the hook for postgame celebrations.

“We’d still be friends,” Dixon, of Denver, told CBS of the unique journeys that have brought college buddies closer over the years, “but I don’t think we’d be as close as we are without taking a trip with a friend 30-plus years in a row.”

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—Chris Lazzarino

Fun fact: When the Alumni Association staff heard that the Bowl Guys would travel to Arizona this year, we had no idea that a lucky coincidence was in the works. Staff photographer Dan Storey is a graduate of Colorado State University, which played Nevada in the Arizona Bowl. Dan’s wife, Angie, b’04, g’07, vice president of donor relations, surprised him at Christmas with tickets to watch his alma mater. The Storeys met up with the “Bowl Guys” before the game in Tucson to take this photo. Colorado State lost, 28-23.

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