Planes, trains and automobiles

Posted on Mar 27, 2013 in Alumni News, News, and Sports

KU Alumni Association staff members Mike Davis, Danny Lewis, Teri Harris, Dan Storey, Kelsey Hill and Brad Eland hit the road last weekend to help spread the Jayhawk madness of March around the country.

They joined hundreds of Jayhawks at official KU Alumni Association chapter watch parties in San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Chicago and Washington, D.C. to watch the KU men’s basketball team beat Western Kentucky on Friday night. After the big win, they traveled on to Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis and New York City where they watched the Jayhawks defeat North Carolina for the third time in five years.

Danny, director of alumni programs, and Dan, staff videographer and photographer, captured a behind-the-scenes look at the not-always-glamorous side of travel as they ventured east to visit the Washington, D.C. and New York City chapters. Have you ever seen the inside of an airport at 4:55 a.m.? It’s not pretty.

Watch the video below for more, including an ill-fated decision to reenact a scene from Rocky.

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