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Board Member Spotlight: Steve Dillard

Steve Dillard, c’75, of Wichita, is a member of the KU Alumni Association’s national board of directors. 

Steve earned his bachelor’s degree in personnel administration and is president of Pickrell Drilling Company. He is a longtime volunteer for the Wichita Network and served on the network’s board as well as committees for the Jayhawk Roundup. As a member of Jayhawks for Higher Education, Steve is involved as a Steering Committee member. He is also a member of the Williams Education Fund for Kansas Athletics. He is married to Gena Gunn Dillard,’77, and they are Life Members and Presidents Club donors.

Learn more about him in our Q&A below! 

Why are you a KU Alumni Association member and Presidents Club member?

I became an Alumni Association member to stay connected to the university and fellow loyal Jayhawks. I also want to support the association and its missions of student recruitment, student support through the mentoring program, the Jayhawk Career Network and the many other programs the association produces.

What do you enjoy about serving as a National Board Member for the KU Alumni Association?

Serving on the National Board has given me the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with other dedicated Jayhawks as well as have a better understanding of the university’s challenges and opportunities. It’s given me the chance to see close up, some of the many programs, services and facilities that the university has to offer as well as meet talented KU educators and administrators. These opportunities have made me even more proud of our university. It’s been inspiring to see the talented alumni association staff do such a great job of developing the programs and communications the association offers. It has also been reassuring to witness firsthand the input the association has with KU leadership.

What is your favorite KU Alumni event?

My favorite Alumni Association event has become Hawks & Highways as the university brings their “road show” to Wichita and other Kansas sites annually. The event combines many of the academic departments of the university along with key athletic department personnel to showcase the university to potential students and alumni. It’s a great event and I always come away feeling proud of KU.

Bill Self, head basketball coach at the University of Kansas, speaks to guests at a Hawks & Highways event in Salina.

What’s your favorite KU memory?

When it comes to my favorite KU memory, for me it has to be one of the many terrific basketball or football games I’ve attended. It is certainly difficult to choose which one. However, if pressed, I would choose the KU v. North Carolina game in the 2008 Semifinal game. I couldn’t stop smiling, make that grinning for hours afterwards.

What’s your favorite memory from your time in school at KU?

While there were many great times in my years at KU, walking down the hill for graduation probably tops the list. The joy, the feeling of accomplishment and for me, the relief of completing my undergraduate degree created of flood of emotion that brought back all the other earlier memories developed in my years at KU. It was a fulfilling day.

What’s your favorite KU or Lawrence establishment, past or present?

As a student, it was the Stables where I worked as a bartender for a couple of years. It’s now long gone. But, many of the friendships that were made there still remain. Now, I’d have to say it’s the roof top bar at The Oread. It offers such a wonderful view of north campus. And, to think that I was opposed to the construction of The Oread because I feared it would ruin the skyline above Booth Stadium. I’ll admit I was wrong on that one.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Kansas?

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