Houston ’Hawks aid leukemia patient in need

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 in Alumni News and News

When a Houston woman needed white blood cells to help her complete an intense round of chemotherapy, her family and friends put out a plea for donors. Answering the call were members of the Alumni Association’s Houston Network, who rallied to her aid after a notice was posted to their Facebook group by alumna and family friend Natalie Bogan Morgan, j’06.

Lois Coots, a former Kansan who lives now in Houston, was diagnosed in 2009 with a form of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) that later developed into leukemia. While at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston undergoing an intensive 30-day round of chemotherapy in October, Coots developed an infection and learned that she needed white blood cells before she could finish the treatment.

“It was an emergency situation,” says Morgan, who lived in Houston before recently moving to Overland Park. “She has two daughters, and they figured they’d donate and drum up other people and it would be fine. But one by one people just kept getting rejected.”

White blood cells have a short shelf life and donors must meet strict matching requirements. Doctors told the family they needed to line up 10 donors, but after exhausting their personal contacts they had found only one match.

Jayhawk calls for help

Watching the health crisis unfold from Kansas, Morgan—a close friend of Kyra Coots, Lois’s daughter—posted a heartfelt plea for donors on her Facebook page. Longtime friend Nick Kallail, assistant vice president of alumni programs and career services for KUAA, saw the message and suggested that she post it to the Houston Network’s Facebook group.

“I was like, Nat, you’ve got a built-in family who love you; blast that Houston group and they’ll jump on it,” says Kallail, d’04, l’07, who was a Houston Network volunteer before joining the Association staff. “It’s a great group and everyone’s always willing to help. It’s just a great combination: You’ve got Jayhawk family and Houston hospitality.”

“That was the tipping point,” Morgan says. “People who didn’t know this family just dropped what they were doing and called to set up appointments. I put the call out on a Thursday night, and several Jayhawks were there by 11 a.m. the next morning going through the screening. It was so uplifting.”

Sorority members step up

Among those responding was a group of Alpha Delta Pi alumni led by Jane Johnston Mumey, j’86, a Houston attorney. Less than 15 minutes after Morgan’s post hit the Houston Network page, Mumey wrote to say that she and her sorority sisters could report to MD Anderson immediately, because they are already screened white-cell donors.

“This was perfect for us, because so many of our members are pre-screened for the Ronald McDonald House,” Mumey says. Alpha Delta Pi’s Houston alumni group volunteers extensively at the city’s Ronald McDonald House, which supports families of critically ill children, donating blood, white cells and platelets when needed. “Within hours we had four women from our group who were already pre-screened” and ready to donate, Mumey says. “It’s an amazing feeling to be able to do that.”

Only days after Morgan posted her request with the Houston Network, the family lined up the needed 10 donors. “It would not have happened if so many Jayhawks had not jumped in to do it,” Morgan says. “Six or seven of the donors that we knew of were Jayhawks. The family was just blown away. I think it just says a lot about the University and it just says a lot about the Jayhawk family after you graduate.”

Mumey seconds that notion.

“I knew Jayhawks would do that. We’ve all stuck together. And to be far away from campus, to have that feeling that this happened, when we’re all the way down here—I don’t think all groups respond like that. We really have a lot of spirit and it doesn’t stop when we graduate.”

A happy outcome

Thanks to the donated cells, Kyra Coots says, her mother was able to finish her chemotherapy and return home. She returned for a second round of chemo last week, and Kyra says the family takes comfort in knowing that—should complications arise again—they’ve got a list of willing donors who have their back.

“Before Natalie started helping me, we only had one person confirmed,” Kyra says. “It was a low point, because you’re thinking to yourself, How am I going to find nine people if the dozens and dozens of people who said they’d do it were turned away? I myself was turned away. It’s a very helpless feeling, knowing you can’t do anything.

“When Natalie’s friend suggested she post it on the Jayhawk board, I was like, Wow, that’s a great idea. These people definitely don’t know my mom, they may not even know Natalie, but we’ll see if they respond. The response was overwhelming. You can’t put into words—you want to thank all these people, you want to hug them, you want to get to know them and say thank you, but I just think they’ll never realize the magnitude of how it touched our family and how it saved her life.”

—Steven Hill

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Spooky signs decorate Watson Library lawn for Homecoming

Posted on Oct 27, 2015 in Alumni News and News

Homecoming 2015 Sign Competition
Creative KU students put their skills on display this week during the annual Homecoming Sign Competition.

Student groups teamed up to decorate plywood signs with their interpretation of this year’s Homecoming theme, “Ghosts of Jayhawks Past.” The signs were displayed on the Watson Library lawn on Monday, October 26.

Eleven entries were judged on their creativity, school spirit and attention to detail, along with how they incorporated the Homecoming theme into their design. Entries included spooky scenes and plenty of Jayhawks—and even clever nods to popular culture with references to Ghostbusters and The Walking Dead.

This year’s winners include:

1st place, Greek Life: Alpha Gamma Delta and Zeta Beta Tau
2nd place, Greek Life: Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Tau Omega
3rd place, Greek Life: Delta Delta Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha

1st place, Student Life: Omega Phi Alpha and Beta Upsilon Chi
2nd place, Student Life: School of Engineering

Homecoming Sign Competition 2015
Check out more photos of the signs on Flickr.

—Debbi Johanning

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Homecoming 2014: Chalk ‘n’ Rock

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 in Alumni News and News

Homecoming 2014 Chalk 'n' Rock

Chalk ‘n’ Rock, one of the beloved traditions of Homecoming, took place on Wescoe Beach today.

Participating student groups were assigned a section of squares to chalk a design inspired by this year’s Homecoming theme, “Roll With the ‘Hawks.”

Students had four hours to create their designs, which were then evaluated by a panel of judges.

The winning entries are listed below.

Greek Life:

  • Kappa Alpha Theta and Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1st place
  • Sigma Kappa and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 2nd place
  • Alpha Delta Pi and Theta Chi, 3rd place

Student Life:

  • School of Engineering, 1st place
  • KU Swim Club, 2nd place
  • KJHK, 3rd place

Thanks to the student organizations that participated today! More Homecoming activities are listed on the Homecoming website.

Check out our slideshow with pictures below, or click here to see the photos on Flickr.


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