Stop the presses: UDK scales back print to emphasize digital-first

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 in Campus News and News

The editorial board of the University Daily Kansan announced it will cut publication of the print edition of the newspaper from four days per week to two, starting fall 2015. Currently, the Kansan is printed Monday through Thursday, but starting with the fall 2015 semester, it will be printed on Monday and Thursday each week.

The decision, made by The Kansan student management team, its advisers and The Kansan Board, introduces a shift toward digital reporting. The full announcement can be read online at

Members of the editorial board explained the rationale that led to the decision.

“We believe the money used to print and distribute Tuesday and Wednesday papers can be allocated more effectively in a way that will best benefit our readers. We aren’t changing the news — just how you consume it.”

Informing a generation accustomed to getting its news from smartphones and laptop computers remains a challenge for Kansan staff, the announcement explained.

“A top priority at The Kansan is to tell meaningful stories. By utilizing online resources, we can tell better ones. We are able to include videos, photos, galleries, tweets and links in our stories, which will improve the overall reader experience.”

The Kansan, traditionally known on campus as the UDK, has been regarded as “the student voice since 1904.” Editor-in-Chief Brian Hillix assures readers that will not change. Hillix and Kansan Advertising Director Sharlene Xu discuss the upcoming changes in the video below, also available on YouTube:


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–David Johnston

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