Jayhawk’s license plate disaster warrants Alumni Association assistance

Posted on Jan 2, 2019 in Alumni News and News

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The KU Alumni Association receives hundreds of letters from Jayhawks across the globe, but it was an ominous note from Brooke Collison, a Corvallis, Oregon, alumnus, titled “Insidious KSU Plot” that recently caught the attention of several staffers. Curious what Collison had uncovered about our pesky neighbors to the west, we read on.

Dear KU Alums,

I am an Oregon resident where automobile license plates have three numbers, a space and three big letters. I purchased a new car last month and my new license plates have arrived. Much to my chagrin, the three letters are “KSU.” I am aghast! How can I possible drive my car with those letters emblazoned on both the front and back of my ride?

I seriously suspect there may be an alum of that other Kansas university working in the Oregon license bureau who has a warped sense of humor and has decided to play a cruel joke on me. Imagine the agony I will go through when asked for auto identification on all kinds of forms—even when checking in to an [un-named] cheap motel! And what will I do when a driver passes me and waves with enthusiasm?

Please, does the Alumni Association have a department to help victims such as myself?

Brooke Collison

Though the Alumni Association doesn’t have a department dedicated to helping wrongfully persecuted Jayhawks such as Collison, we certainly couldn’t sit by and watch a fellow alumnus suffer. Tegan Thornberry, d’05, g’09, the Association’s director of marketing, membership and business development, rushed a KU license plate frame to Collison, hoping to dispel any confusion about his loyalty to KU and ease the pain of the tragic tag.

“It was nice to receive the KU Alumni Association license plate frame so that I’d have something to partially cover or correct my embarrassment of having that huge ‘KSU’ stuck on the back of my car,” says Collison, d’56, g’62, a retired professor at Oregon State University. “I figured it was the best I could do because I knew the local law enforcement folk would frown on my putting masking tape over some of the letters.”

—Heather Biele

If you’re a Jayhawk in Kansas, Texas, or Maryland, you can show your KU pride with a distinctive license plate on your vehicle. You do not have to be a member of the KU Alumni Association or a graduate of KU to have a Jayhawk license plate. Visit www.kualumni.org/license to learn more!

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