The Mighty ’Hawks

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Kansas Alumni magazine, issue No. 1, 2018 | Mighty Hawks club ice hockey

Club hockey returns, better than ever

Driven by their love for the game, a group of dedicated sports club athletes is leading a hockey resurgence at KU.

Yo juego hockey.

When his Spanish teacher asked students to introduce themselves to a classmate, Andy McConnell turned to an unknown guy seated nearby and said, en español, “I play hockey.”

When he arrived at KU, McConnell immediately sought out the men’s ice hockey club team. What he found here was not good. There were no prospects for the sport’s return, until McConnell heard his classmate’s reply:

Yo juego hockey.

McConnell closed out his playing career two years ago and has since volunteered his time as the club’s head coach.


Find out how KU’s ice hockey club team was reborn in Chris Lazzarino’s cover story for issue no. 1, 2018, of Kansas Alumni magazine.





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Creature feature: Tylosaurus proriger

Posted on Jan 19, 2018 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

Tylosaurus proriger, a replica of a mosasaur fossil, installed at the Earth, Energy & Environment Center at the University of Kansas.

A famous fossil and its prey showcase the newest space on Mount Oread.

The Earth, Energy and Environment Center‘s atrium includes a spectacular and fitting scene from the cretaceous period of Kansas.

A Tylosaurus proriger specimen, essentially a sea monster with giant teeth, was installed. It preyed on sea turtles, so staff members came up with the idea of using a fossil sea turtle that was also quarried from Kansas by a former KU student.

Visitors driving or walking past the building on Naismith Drive can see the Tylosaurus through the large glass window.



About the Earth, Energy & Environment Center

The Earth, Energy & Environment Center (EEEC) sits next to Lindley Hall and will open for classes in spring 2018. The two buildings of the EEEC—Ritchie Hall and Slawson Hall— will feature bridges to Lindley Hall and Learned Hall.

The multidisciplinary center is a collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the School of Engineering. It will bring together faculty, students and researchers from geology and engineering to tackle energy and environmental research.

Read more about the December installation and see pictures.

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Fortissimo Fan Fare

Posted on Mar 15, 2017 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

Carrying on traditions that date back to the days when the Jayhawks played in Hoch Auditorium, the men’s basketball band fills Allen Field House with an energizing mix of musicianship, enthusiasm, school spirit and just plain fun. Hear director Sharon Toulouse, f’97, g’05, and many of her talented musicians explain the stories behind their rites and rituals, and read more about it in “Fortissimo Fan Fare,” in issue No. 2, 2017, of Kansas Alumni magazine.


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Blues Masters

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

“Blues Masters at the Crossroads,” which in October 2016 celebrated its 19th renewal, is an annual two-day blues concert at Salina’s Blue Heaven Studios, an acoustically perfect church outfitted with a modern control room and a few other recording and performance amenities but otherwise left in its original condition—including pews, balcony seats and stained-glass windows. The studio and festival are owned by Acoustic Sounds, a vinyl LP mail-order business founded in the 1980s by Louisianan Chad Kassem and now overseen by Chief Operating Officer Marc Sheforgen, j’99 [“In the Groove,” Kansas Alumni magazine, issue No. 6, 2016]. This video is a 22-minute film featuring the 2011 Blues Masters at the Crossroads.

Blues Masters at the Crossroads 2011 from Benjamin R Williams on Vimeo.

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Changing a space into a place

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

Spencer Museum of ArtThe Spencer Museum of Art will reopen to the public Saturday, Oct. 15, after an 18-month renovation that has transformed exhibition and educational spaces. A weekend-long celebration featuring music and dance performances, art activities and new gallery installations will usher in a new era for the Spencer Museum.

Kansas Alumni magazine featured the Spencer renovation as the cover story of issue No. 5, 2016. The article is available online.

Click here to learn more about the renovation and to see a schedule of events for the grand opening celebration.

Saralyn Reece Hardy, c’76, g’94, director of the Spencer Museum, shares more in our new video below.


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From scratch

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

Rick Martin
Rick Martin, award-winning head chef and co-owner of Limestone Pizza Kitchen and Bar, dishes on his introduction to cooking, his food philosophy and the secret behind the pizza voted Best In Lawrence two years in a row.

Watch our new video to learn more.

Click here to read more on Martin in a free preview article from the latest issue of Kansas Alumni magazine.

KU Alumni Association members can log in here to access the full version of the magazine.

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Open for business

Posted on May 18, 2016 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

Take a sneak peek inside the School of Business’ new building, Capitol Federal Hall, where expansive, flexible design encourages collaborative learning and innovation is welcome. More details and images of the school’s new space can be found in the May issue of Kansas Alumni magazine.

Association members can log in to read the full issue online, or enjoy free access to this month’s cover feature on Capitol Federal Hall.


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Track champions greeted with ovation from hundreds of fans

Posted on Jun 10, 2013 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News

As senior triple and long jumper Andrea Geubelle stepped onto James Naismith Court carrying aloft the NCAA women’s track and field championship trophy, flanked by teammates and coaches following close behind, a Sunday afternoon crowd of about 300 stood and cheered the first NCAA championship team in the history of KU women’s athletics. Buoyed by enthusiastic standing ovations, Geubelle told the crowd, “You guys have been amazing teammates. There’s no way we could have done this without you. My four years at KU have been the best of my life, and I will never forget this one.”

KU women’s track stormed to a dominant victory at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, leading after each of the meet’s three days and sealing a 16-point victory Saturday afternoon at the legendary Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore.

“This is such a big deal,” said vertical jumps coach Tom Hays, himself a former Jayhawk pole vaulter in the 1980s. “The question I have is, are we going to get to go to the White House?”

For complete coverage of the 2013 NCAA champions, see the July issue of Kansas Alumni magazine.

Next up for the top Jayhawks is the USA Championships, June 19-23 in Des Moines, Iowa.

–Chris Lazzarino

Watch a video from Sunday’s welcome home celebration below:

Video by Dan Storey

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Alumni profile: Voice actor Tom Kane

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in Alumni News, Campus News, and News


Jayhawks are everywhere. Even a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The University of Kansas interviewed acclaimed voice actor and KU alumnus Tom Kane, c’85, to talk about his impressive career. Kane has been the voice of pint-sized Jedi Master Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and he’s won the prized gig of announcing the Academy Awards, in addition to countless voice roles in movie trailers and television commercials. The video is provided by the KU Office of Marketing Communications.

For more on Kane, read the profile below on the voice actor from Issue No. 4, 2011 of Kansas Alumni Magazine.


Site matters not, as Kane continues voice gigs in KC

Tom Kane’s talented voice debuted with a spot-on imitation of his immigrant grandfather. “My mom tells me I had a damn good German accent,” Kane says from his Overland Park home studio, where he runs his busy career as an A-list announcer. “I was 3.”

Kane, c’85, who this spring announced his third Academy Awards and is the voice of Yoda in the popular “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” franchise, kept himself entertained after school by watching cartoons and reruns. A natural mimic enthralled by “silly voices,” Kane effortlessly verbalized what he heard.

“It’s either in my head or not,” he says. “I’ve never practiced anything. Everything is a character voice to me. I just recycle things I heard growing up.” If he never had to put in much work on his voice, Kane makes up for it when it comes to finding work. “Horrible sounding commercials” have always made him cringe, and Kane was only 15 when he tracked down the ad agency responsible for a notably awful public service announcement.

After a few phone calls, Kane landed an audition. When the advertising execs realized that the voice talent that had won them over during a brief telephone audition belonged to a 15-year-old boy, they went through the predictably comic screaming and gesturing—all of which Kane watched through the studio’s soundproof window—and finally offered a challenge: If he could voice an old New England fisherman, they’d hire him.

“I read it through,” Kane says, “and I looked up and saw three faces, mouths open.” That gig was for free; the next, which came less than a week later, paid $1,200. A career was born.

Kane headed to Chicago after KU, but soon made his way to Los Angeles. Although he “couldn’t get arrested in the cartoon world,” he found work on commercials, movie trailers and promotional pieces. A regular client was LucasArts’ game division, where one day he cracked the room up while showing off his spot-on Yoda.

One of the guys laughing along with the others was the director of the then-nascent animated “Star Wars” series.“

He said, ‘Do that again.’ I asked why, and he said, ‘I just want to record it. I’ll tell you later.’”

Kane has been Yoda’s voice ever since, helping to win over a whole new world-wide fan base for the Star Wars franchise.

Another big step came in 2006, when he landed his first Oscars gig, for which he was hired again in 2008 and this year. It’s one of the few jobs that requires Kane to be in L.A. From his custom-built home studio, Kane can record voice work for clients all over the world.

“No more driving all over town in L.A. traffic. I do as many voiceovers in a day as I used to do in a week or two.”

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