The answer is in: Nov. 11

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in Campus News and News

img_news_tree_afterOn Nov. 7, the Alumni Association news blog reported that the huge ginkgo tree in front of Grace Pearson Hall could be expected to lose its bountiful bouquet of yellow-gold leaves in a single day.

Only problem was, nobody was exactly sure about which day it would happen.

Now we know. Resplendent in a full flush of its fall finery as of noon Monday, Nov. 11, the tree was completely bald by noon the following day, Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Those of us fascinated by the trees of Mount Oread can mark our calendars: On Veterans Day 2014, head to Louisiana Street and try to catch the ginkgo hastily shedding its autumn attire.

–Chris Lazzarino

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And all fall down

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Campus News and News

img_news_gingko_fallOne of Mount Oread’s most colorful but lesser known fall traditions is nearing its annual renewal, but nobody’s quite sure exactly when. Any day now would probably be a good guess.

The massive ginkgo tree that towers over Grace Pearson Scholarship Hall, overlooking Louisiana Street on the Hill’s eastern crest, will soon begin its lovely transformation; once the leaves reach their peak of glowing color, they do as leaves tend to do in their namesake time of year: fall.

Except in this case, it happens in one day. From sumptuous fall foliage to skeletonized winter timber, just like that.

“They’ll get a real nice, yellow-golden color,” says landscaping project manager Mike Lang, “and then they all tend to drop at once.”

Grace Pearson opened in 1955, and Lang estimates the ginkgo to be at least that old.

“There’s one on the west end of Strong Hall, and a few others around, but nothing like that,” Lang says. “That’s an amazing-sized tree.”

–Chris Lazzarino

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