Student Alumni Leadership Board: Lydia Young, vice president of communications

Posted on Apr 12, 2013 in Campus News and News

Student Alumni Leadership Board (SALB) members serve as the official student representatives and volunteers of the KU Alumni Association. Members also facilitate spirit functions, serve as campus ambassadors and organize community service projects. SALB is governed by eight executive board members, who have the opportunity to interact with some of the best student leaders, campus officials and alumni. This week’s profile features Lydia Young, a junior from Liberal and the vice president of communications.

What’s your favorite KU tradition or KU memory?Lydia Young, SALB |

My favorite tradition has got to be the obvious answer of Kansas basketball.   To be able to attend the college where basketball was invented is truly something amazing and special about KU and makes every game memorable. Having said this, my favorite KU memory is the first time I attended a game in Allen Fieldhouse after camping out for hours and anxiously awaiting the time I could step foot in the best venue in college basketball. Being a part of the student section was truly amazing; participating in the paper toss, various chants and the chills you get from watching the opening video. I remember I was hoarse for days after the game, and I remember counting down the days until I could go back.

What other groups are you involved with, and how did you become involved with SALB?

I am currently a senior account executive for The University Daily Kansan advertising staff, helping to develop my interests further in the advertising and marketing industries. I have been selling for The Kansan since May 2012 and plan to continue until graduation. I am also a current member of KU Advertising Club, having recently come back from an advertising agency crawl in New York City. I have been a member of SAA since my first semester at KU and a part of SALB since August 2012. I first heard about SALB from former executive board member Kevin Pringle after our study abroad trip to Barcelona, Spain. After serving on the board, I knew I wanted to further enhance my involvement and was elected as vice president of communications, putting my addiction to social media to good use.

What made you decide to attend KU?

Deciding to attend KU was something that I’ll never forget. I knew I wanted to stay in-state and attend a four-year university after high school, but none of the universities in Kansas struck me as the place I knew I wanted to attend. That all changed after my first trip to Lawrence. The beauty of campus, the feel you get when passing by Allen Fieldhouse or Jayhawk Boulevard and Lawrence as a community whole all hit home with me, and I knew instantly that I was going to attend KU. I didn’t even bother applying anywhere else and when I got my acceptance letter I knew I was getting ready for the time of my life.

Where’s your favorite place to study and favorite place to hang out in Lawrence?

I like to switch up where I study and hang out to help me see more of KU’s campus and the city of Lawrence. On campus, I spend most of my time in The Kansan office in the Dole Human Development Center and the Adams Alumni Center, with my preferred study environment being Watson library. However, I find myself in the halls of Wescoe, Anschutz Library and Stauffer-Flint from time to time to keep it interesting. Besides taking strolls down Massachusettes Street, I love driving out the Wells Overlook just outside of Lawrence to relax, take a breather and remember how lucky I am to go to KU and live in a place like Lawrence.

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