Dark Knight delights kids of all ages

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 in Alumni News and News

Jim Sauer as Batman via kualumni.org

In anticipation of Halloween, we searched for some (super?) alumni who love to dress up and really get into the holiday. Perhaps none so convincingly as Jim Sauer, d’80. “My family has said I have taken this too far,” he admits, “but they get a kick out of it.”

KU Swimmer Jim Sauer via kualumni.orgThe former KU swimming captain and Big 8 champion still swims competitively in Austin. Now swimming for Longhorn Aquatics, he’s an age group record holder and nine-time All-American as a masters swimmer and stays in great shape.

As a result, the suit fits.

But besides pulling off the Batman look, Sauer simply enjoys the looks he receives when kids see him in costume.

“A kid came to my daughter’s house recently selling cub scout popcorn, and he asked after his popcorn speech if this was the house Batman comes to for Halloween. When my daughter said yes, he was very excited and said he was coming with all his friends to see Batman!”

“I love to make kids, moms and dads smile when they see me in my costume —everyone loves to get their pic taken!”

Sauer was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about his not-so-secret identity.

1. How did you start appearing as “the bat man?”
Always been a dream of mine to get an authentic Batman suit, in fact my family laughed as they said “Dad you have been talking about this for years but you never do it,” so last year, at the urging of some friends who were putting on a superhero Halloween party, I decided it was time…plus I knew my two grandkids would love it and love to go trick-or-treating with Batman.

2. Where do you appear, and how often?
I love to suit up any time I get the chance, so this year I have done quite a few kid birthday parties for friends, appeared at a charity SuperHero run and will of course suit up for Halloween with the grandkids.

3. Your costume looks pretty authentic… is it??
I decided if I was going to do this, I would do it right! So I researched costumes on the net and found a costume designer in L.A. that makes very realistic Batman costumes.  You basically buy the costume in parts, the facade, cowl,  cape, gloves, gauntlets, under suit belt. I bought facade, belt, cowl, and cape from this designer and then purchased the other parts on eBay.  The costume is very authentic and is one that is more for walking around and taking pictures.

4. What’s your most memorable moment appearing as the caped crusader?
At a recent Charity Superhero Run they had a Batmobile, and I stood by the Batmobile for over 2 hours posing for pictures with kids, adults, dogs…. you name it. I posed with everyone. I also volunteer at CASA, and I am a Guardian Ad-Litem for two kids.

5. Your favorite Batman actor?
The original, of course: Michael Keaton. He is still the best Batman, with Christian Bale second.

We think Sauer could give those actors a run for their money, especially if Batman ever needed to make a water rescue! Happy Halloween, Jayhawks!

– David Johnston

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