Rock Chalkin’ up the mountain

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 in Alumni News and News

Where in the world is your Jayhawk?

Paul Dozier, a proud Life Member, recently shared this photo from his recent hike up Mt. Elbert in Colorado.

“This picture was taken a bit short of the summit, but what a euphoric view! And, I met six or eight other Jayhawks on the mountain that day—none of them burdened with my handicap of 50 more years and 50 extra pounds,” Paul, b’61, said.

Whether you’re on a vacation or enjoying a staycation, download our printable Jayhawk and snap a photo with it. We might need to rethink our instructions—Paul adds, “When I attempted a selfie as instructed, I almost fell off the mountain. I had to rely on my hiking partner for this picture!”

Oops. Sorry about that, and thanks for being a good sport, Paul!
Paul Dozier, g'61, life member

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