Autumn finally “falls” on the Hill

Posted on Nov 8, 2018 in Campus News and News

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Academic Jay | Autumn
It may be hard to believe but sometimes the crisp, cool yet sunny season of fall skips the Hill and, simply put, autumn just doesn’t fall onto campus. Many years the blistering Kansas summers turn directly into chilly, breezy winter days and we’re left wondering…”Where was fall?”

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Fraser Flags | Autumn

Not this year—fall arrived on the Hill with style

A few days of rainfall turned dreary, dull landscapes into brightly beaming yellows, lively greens and olives and fiery reds fit for a crimson (and blue) campus.

It seems as though the leaves turned overnight, and all of a sudden every scene on campus was picture-perfect. We were even given a warm day with blue skies among a cloudy, cool week.

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Campanile Leaves | Autumn Fall on the Hill 2018 | Jayhawk Boulevard | Autumn













Fall on the Hill 2018 | Campanile | Autumn

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Spooner Hall | Autumn

Instagram snapshots

Not only did our photographers spend a few days snapping the warm colors of campus, but we’ve enjoyed sharing the beauty on our Instagram account as well.

Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Campanile | Autumn


“Upon completion in 1950, the Kansas City Star called the Campanile “the finest musical instrument of its kind west of Chicago.”






Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Watkins | Autumn


“A deep impression is left on the alumnus who visits Watson Library. [They] will never forget this place.”
– Graduate Magazine, 1924






Fall on the Hill 2018 | Instagram Campanile | Autumn


“Aren’t we lucky that campus blooms in the spring and then turns around and blooms again in the fall?






Digital wallpapers

What better way to relish in the colors of campus than displaying them on your phone, table or computer?

We’ve added some new fall photos to our mobile wallpapers. Enjoy!


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Fall on the Hill

Posted on Nov 21, 2017 in Campus News and News

As the leaves begin to turn during autumn months, the Hill comes alive with color.

Watch our video below to see photos of the University of Kansas campus from this fall season.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support of our beloved alma mater!


Want more? Check out our video from 2015 featuring favorite fall scenes on campus.

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Take in the beauty of autumn on campus

Posted on Nov 19, 2015 in Campus News and News

The University of Kansas is regularly included on lists of the most beautiful college campuses in the country. We might be biased, but we think our beloved campus tops the list.

Please enjoy this video of some of our favorite fall scenes from Mount Oread.

The KU Alumni Association offices will be closed next week on Thursday, November 26, and Friday, November 27, for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be open again the following Monday, November 30.

We wish Jayhawks everywhere a happy Thanksgiving—we are thankful that you’re part of of the Jayhawk family.

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The great snowpocalypse of 2014

Posted on Feb 5, 2014 in Campus News and News

Last year, the University of Kansas campus closed for an unprecedented three snow days during the spring semester. This year, we’re close to matching that total after a winter storm hit Lawrence and shut campus down for two days this week.

Students and community members flocked to the Hill for a favorite tradition: sledding. Check out this Vine video from the Lawrence Journal-World.

Our photographer, Dan Storey, ventured out into the winter wonderland to snap a few photos of the fun. Click here to see our Facebook album.

And one last fun tidbit from the snow days: a snowball fight on Wescoe Beach organized via social media. Michael Marcus, a junior, sent out a single tweet on Tuesday that led to nearly 50 students showing up for the fight.

Click here to see coverage of the event, including a video, from 6 News Lawrence.

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Winter on the Hill

Posted on Dec 20, 2013 in Campus News and News

As the fall semester of 2013 winds down– today is the last day of fall finals!– and the Lawrence area prepares for a predicted wintry mix of ice and snow, we’d like to share a video of some of our favorite winter scenes from the Hill.

The KU Alumni Association offices will be closed next week from Monday, Dec. 23 through Wednesday, Dec. 25. We’ll be open again on Thursday, but since this is the only time of the year that might be considered “slow” around here, many of our staff members are taking their much-needed vacation days.

We wish you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

If you haven’t seen our holiday greeting, click here to watch the animated video that our amazing creative team of Susan Younger and Valerie Spicher put together.

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The answer is in: Nov. 11

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in Campus News and News

img_news_tree_afterOn Nov. 7, the Alumni Association news blog reported that the huge ginkgo tree in front of Grace Pearson Hall could be expected to lose its bountiful bouquet of yellow-gold leaves in a single day.

Only problem was, nobody was exactly sure about which day it would happen.

Now we know. Resplendent in a full flush of its fall finery as of noon Monday, Nov. 11, the tree was completely bald by noon the following day, Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Those of us fascinated by the trees of Mount Oread can mark our calendars: On Veterans Day 2014, head to Louisiana Street and try to catch the ginkgo hastily shedding its autumn attire.

–Chris Lazzarino

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And all fall down

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Campus News and News

img_news_gingko_fallOne of Mount Oread’s most colorful but lesser known fall traditions is nearing its annual renewal, but nobody’s quite sure exactly when. Any day now would probably be a good guess.

The massive ginkgo tree that towers over Grace Pearson Scholarship Hall, overlooking Louisiana Street on the Hill’s eastern crest, will soon begin its lovely transformation; once the leaves reach their peak of glowing color, they do as leaves tend to do in their namesake time of year: fall.

Except in this case, it happens in one day. From sumptuous fall foliage to skeletonized winter timber, just like that.

“They’ll get a real nice, yellow-golden color,” says landscaping project manager Mike Lang, “and then they all tend to drop at once.”

Grace Pearson opened in 1955, and Lang estimates the ginkgo to be at least that old.

“There’s one on the west end of Strong Hall, and a few others around, but nothing like that,” Lang says. “That’s an amazing-sized tree.”

–Chris Lazzarino

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