A papal visit to KU?

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 in News

A papal visit to KU?
No, Pope Francis didn’t jaunt over to Mount Oread in his sporty little Fiat to make an appearance Wednesday on Wescoe Beach; he was, no doubt, too busy wowing crowds in Washington, D.C., to make the cross-country road trip, so St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center instead made due with a life-size cardboard image of the popular pontiff to encourage students to express their opinions and ask questions.

A sign at the St. Lawrence Center’s information table on Wescoe Beach read, “Pope Francis is _____”, encouraging students to complete the sentence with their own opinions, written on slips of paper pinned to clothes lines for passersby to read and consider.

“There’s been nothing negative so far,” said St. Lawrence Campus Catholic Center volunteer Terence Huffines. “Pope Francis’ messages have been so positive and inspirational, and we’re seeing the same sort of reaction here today.”

Angie Hall, also a St. Lawrence volunteer, said it’s her impression that college students are paying attention not just to the pope’s visit to the United States, but also connecting with him in a way that continues to surprise and delight the Catholic community.

“The students enjoy talking about Pope Francis,” Hall said. “He’s a very visible figure, obviously, and his messages are reaching young people in very positive ways.”

—Chris Lazzarino

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