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Rock Chalk Cultivate

Rock Chalk Cultivate

What is Rock Chalk Cultivate?

Rock Chalk Cultivate is a series of events that gives KU alumni opportunities to acquire or develop qualities or skills with—and sometimes from—fellow Jayhawks. Just as we acquired knowledge together as students on the Hill, we can continue to learn together as alumni through Rock Chalk Cultivate.

How did it begin?

Rock Chalk Cultivate was launched in spring 2016 by the Alumni Association’s Dallas Network. Alumni hosted events which included a fashion and wardrobe presentation by Trunk Club Dallas and a BBQ and beer-pairing dinner at 18th and Vine BBQ.

How can your network get involved?

Volunteers are responsible for creating, organizing and promoting Rock Chalk Cultivate events and finding experts, who may be fellow Jayhawks, to lead the activities.

What kinds of events can you do?

The scope of Rock Chalk Cultivate events is endless and can vary across networks as a result of regional interests and the availability of experts. Some examples include:

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Nick Kallail

Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Network Programs



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