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Copy the Leader: Kelsey Galle

Jayhawks in leadership positions are everywhere you look, including through the Jayhawk Career Network. KU Alumni, in partnership with SumnerOne, is highlighting Jayhawk leaders who are models for others in their industries with our “Copy the Leader” program.

Kelsey Galle, c’12, is assistant director of alumni engagement at the KU Alumni Association. We sat down with Kelsey to learn what leadership means to her.

What do you do in your work?

My job as Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement involves working with affinity groups and collaborating with communities that share common interests, backgrounds or identities. I help organize programming (events and social gatherings that further the interests or needs of that specific affinity group). I provide support for these groups and make advocacy efforts relevant to their group.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

A good leader has the characteristics of someone who inspires, motivates and guides others toward achieving common goals. Good leaders usually have a clear vision and inspire others to work towards that vision. A good leader can effectively communicate goals, provide feedback and foster collaboration. I also think a good leader has the ability to listen.

How do you practice leadership at your job?

When working with affinity groups, practicing leadership involves fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where alumni feel valued, empowered and able to contribute in meaningful ways.

What makes a team or group successful?

Having a clear mission and goal helps guide activities and initiatives. Strong leadership is crucial for guiding alumni in the affinity space. It helps facilitate communication and empower members to promote a positive and inclusive environment. There has to be active participation to be successful.

How can leaders in your industry help their organizations adapt to change?

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