Jayhawk Roundup

Jayhawk Roundup 2019


Jayhawk Roundup

6 p.m. VIP entrance begins
6:30 p.m. Event begins
April 12, 2019
Murfin Stables
14515 E. 13th North (13th and 143rd streets)
Wichita, KS

Join us for the grooviest party in 2019! Jayhawk Roundup’s “Hawkstock” theme celebrates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

Peace, love and Daisy Hill forever!





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Your mod dresses, pom-pom accessories, flared pants and leisure suits are totally encouraged!
Barn-appropriate dress, including jeans and boots are also welcome.

Special Entertainment

Dan Besco with carved wood JayhawksArtist Dan Besco of Kansaw Carvings will do a live carving at the Roundup. He will create a 4- to 5-foot creation of his signature Jayhawk on a base. This artwork will be part of the live auction, and the successful bidder will have the option of having initials or a family name carved into the base. The artist uses a burnt wood technique and wood stains, which gives the bird a deep, antiqued look. Customization, final finishes and staining will be completed after the Roundup, and the bird will be delivered to the buyer.

Besco uses the highest quality “standing-dried timber,” which he personally selects from forests in Colorado. Standing-dried timber is the best wood you can use for carving. When a tree dies, it remains upright in the forest and is allowed to dry naturally. Any cracks that appear in your carving, which are part of the nature and charm of these carvings, are stable and will not crack again. (Many chainsaw carvings are done with green wood, and will crack unpredictably when drying).

Watch Besco transform wood into a Jayhawk:


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor for  Jayhawk Roundup, contact Danielle Hoover, director of Wichita programs, at dhoover@kualumni.org or 316.259.9316 to learn about opportunities.

All proceeds will support alumni & student Programs, including the Jayhawk Career Network.