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Share a photo of your pet showing off its KU spirit and tell us why it should be featured as our Jayhawk Pet of the Month. All pets are welcome!


Enter your pet by the 25th of each month for a chance to be featured. A new Jayhawk Pet of the Month will be featured each month, and we’ll also send a Jayhawk care package to each featured pet.


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Current Selection


Gussie is 20 yrs old and likes to ride (sleep) in the car - but ALWAYS on her favorite blanket!

Eddi Honderick, c'68

Past Winners

June 2024

Faith is a 2-year-old Miniature Sheltie from Caring Hands Humane Society. She was adopted by KU Alumni Association members Michael & Tonya Hinton of Hutchinson. Faith is a loving soul and embodies the very essence of what it means to be a Jayhawk - "Demonstrating enthusiasm, ambition, & spirit; and living a joyful, sociable, gentle-natured life every day!" Rock Chalk!

Michael Hinton, '89
May 2024

He’s a fluffy, mischievous 12 week old Mini Goldendoodle. When we brought him home we put my son’s old Jayhawk baby blanket (our son is 9 now) in his dog bed so he would feel cozy and warm at night. He loves it and loves to snuggle with it! We will get him watching games soon!

Jessica Trueblood
April 2024

Roscoe is a miniature Golden Doodle and almost 2 years old. He is a smart, silly, rascal-devilish Doodle who loves to play fetch, tug and give us kisses. He loves wearing his Jayhawk t shirt on game days!

Marcee Levin, j’82
March 2024

Even though she was born in Missouri, Nala quickly became a Jayhawk fan when she was adopted by the Frederick family in Lawrence. She is a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel who loves watching KU football and basketball games while snuggling with her family. Nala’s favorite cold weather fashion accessory is her warm and cozy Jayhawk sweater. Even after rolling in the snow, her Jayhawk spirit still shines through!

Diana Frederick, c’82
February 2024

Juando is named after current KU point guard Dajuan Harris (our previous pup was named Doka, after Udoka Azubuike…). Juando is a twice-returned shelter dog, a super-high-energy pit/basset hound mix (among other things!) who is a great team player who rounds out our starting five (2 humans, 2 cats) in a wonderful way! While he is a Jayhawk through-and-through, he is arguably the most popular dog on the University of Cincinnati campus, where his Mom (Audrey, a KU grad like Dad Jason) is a new professor.

Jason Franchuk, j’01
January 2024

James Naismith is a Teddy Bear Breed and watches KU with his Dad!

Duane Lockyer, c’03
December 2023

Winston Hinton is a 2-year-old adopted Rescue Sheltie. He and his KU Alumni Member humans (Michael & Tonya Hinton) call Hutchinson, KS home. Winston is a Kansas Jayhawk for life, and certifiably KU’s Biggest Fan and Spokesdog! Rock Chalk!

Michael Hinton, j’89
November 2023

Cap is 13 month old Cavachon puppy. He is a first cousin to our prior Cavachon, Luke Sky Walker. Cap loves to hang with the stone Jayhawk. As a high ranking Jedi, Captain Luke will bring the force to bear on all Jayhawk opponents.

Brian K Walker, m’79 and Bonnie C Walker
October 2023

Just look at that smile! Mina is sweet, cuddly and playful. She enjoys watching sports on television and is looking forward to her first KU basketball game!

Monica Ewy, c’92
September 2023

Banjo, a Cavapoo, is fiercely loyal and incredibly loving. He is passionate about the Jayhawks and jumps around when we are cheering! Banjo’s adult owners (Emily and Mark) are Lifetime Jayhawk Alumni Association members. Emily graduated from KU with a BS in Journalism in 2006, and Mark graduated from KU with a BA in Political Science in 2006. They met at KU and love sharing their passion for the school with their ten year old daughter and seven year old son. As a family, they visit Lawrence and attend KU football and basketball games.

Emily Webster, j’06
August 2023

Iris is a 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff). She loves cheering for the Jayhawks in Northwest Arkansas! Her dad is a 2000 BS Ed KU Grad and Lifetime Jayhawk Alumni Association member. Rock Chalk!

Thomas Barnes, d’00
July 2023

Libby is a kind and sweet dog who loves everyone! She loves coming to the KU campus whenever she can, especially since she is guaranteed a belly rub. Her favorite activities are chasing squirrels and snoozing on the couch.

Palvih Bhana, j’02

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