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The Water Cooler, February 2021
Despite arctic temperatures and pandemic stresses, there are signs of spring in Lawrence.

Despite arctic temperatures and pandemic stresses, there are signs of spring in Lawrence. We are buzzing about One Day. One KU. The Charlie Hustle birds have returned. And commencement is a go! There is much to look forward to, celebrate, think about, and do.


February Water Cooler has you covered on all fronts. In this issue we share success stories, like how nonprofit work has benefitted KJO Media; give you the latest on upcoming professional development webinars; and offer those thinking about returning school the latest on KU Graduate Studies.


Dig in, or, depending on where you live, dig out and join our celebrations, conversations, and upcoming events.


Rock Chalk.


Howard Graham, g’08, PhD’19

Director of the Jayhawk Career Network

p.s. March is coming…

In this issue we share success stories, like how nonprofit work has benefitted KJO Media; give you the latest on upcoming professional development webinars; and offer those thinking about returning school the latest on KU Graduate Studies.


Give Back and Grow Your Business

For KJO Media, working with non-profits has long been a big part of who we are. It started as just a way to give back to the community, but it became an integral way in which we’ve grown our business. The relationships we developed have given a big boost to our brand recognition and led to countless revenue-earning projects.


You can do this as an individual, too. Non-profit work is a great way to network and hone your professional skills. Find an organization that speaks to you and reach out. You never know what it could lead to. Check out the link below for more about how non-profit work became a big part of KJO Media’s identity.

A closer look at KJO Media’s non-profit work:

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Focus on your next employer before searching for that perfect job

When you’re working through a job search, your first thought may be to look for positions that align specifically with your background. You may work with recruiters directly, use your network to connect you to opportunities, or apply for positions that seem like a good fit. This traditional approach can be effective, but before looking for your next job, you may be better off first finding your next company.


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Study finds overidentification skews online job reviews

Corporate consultants have preached “aligning” oneself with one’s workplace for decades. And a new study shows how far some have taken the notion, to the point they are quite willing to tell flattering lies about their organization to online review sites like Glassdoor.


Likewise, review sites like Indeed could improve their accuracy by cautioning reviewers against this tendency toward “unethical pro-organizational behavior” (UPB).


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How to be a leader no matter your role

But you don’t have to be in a managerial role to step up and show your leadership potential. There are plenty of ways to be a leader at every stage of your career—no matter what your role, title, or job responsibilities might be.


But how, exactly, do you do that? Let’s take a look at how to be a leader—whatever your role might be.


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How being eager to please a mentor can turn toxic

It’s a huge honor when someone chooses to take you under their wing and mentor you. This is truly a special kind of bond, and should be deeply appreciated by both parties.


There are some people who are in placed in roles of leadership who really aren’t cut out to mentor others, but do so anyway. In these cases, it’s often the mentee who suffers the most.


As we dissect what it means to be a “competent and capable mentor”, here are the signs to look out for to identify whether your relationship with your mentor has turned toxic.


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Compassionate Conversations

How to foster compassion at work through compassionate leadership

Compassion doesn’t follow a give-and-take approach. Instead, it has an added component of altruism in it as the person showing compassion rarely expects to receive the same or does so to get something in return. In all its essence, compassion is “empathy in action.”


Recent research and findings have recognized compassion to be an essential aspect of a productive work environment. Showing compassion to colleagues, superiors, or subordinates, are vital to sustaining job satisfaction and work-related motivation.


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Bringing Black authors’ work out of digital shadows

The Project on the History of Black Writing worked to preserve physical copies of novels by Black writers, often rescuing works from dusty attics and estate sales. In the 21st century, HBW began digitizing its library. And now, with the help of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, it is moving to make the collection even more accessible to future scholars worldwide.


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Campus Connections

Return to earn your graduate degree

With over 450 programs to choose from, and hundreds of millions offered in financial assistance, finding and funding your ideal KU graduate degree has never been easier. Whether deepening your discipline or pursuing a new path, you’ll explore the world on your terms — and change it for the better. It takes just moments to start your application.



Jayhawks on KU Mentoring

“Sadie had great questions and had valuable and meaningful reasons as to why she is pursuing a degree in nursing. We also chatted about KU and reminisced on my time on campus!”


Melissa Lewis, mentor

Free and low-cost online learning and professional development from KU in KC

The KU Edwards Campus offers several resources, including free webinars, professional development trainings, certificate programs and even degrees that can be completed entirely online. Not only does KUEC offer timely, relevant programming for those in Kansas City and beyond, it also offers award-winning support for guiding working professionals and transfer students along their educational journey. 


If you’re looking for ways to sharpen your professional skills, complete your bachelor’s degree or continue your education during this unprecedented time, consider these resources.


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New Bachelor of Science in Education prepared educators to lead inclusive classrooms

The early years of a children’s education provide a vital foundation for their future development, creating a base for lifelong learning as well as cognitive and social growth. To help fulfill the growing need for teachers who can help children in the Kansas City area during this crucial stage of life, the KU Edwards Campus is adding a new Bachelor of Science in Education, elementary education to its list of degree-completion programs.


The curriculum prepares kindergarten through sixth-grade educators to structure and execute rigorous learning experiences for students in core academic content areas as well as address the social and emotional needs of students both in and out of the classroom.


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One Day. One KU.

Generous contributions to the KU Alumni Association during One Day. One KU. on Feb. 18 help enhance our programs for students and alumni through the Jayhawk Career Network (JCN).


This past year has underscored the fact that Jayhawks are resilient and generous in helping one another, especially through the JCN, which connects Jayhawks throughout every life stage.


When you give to the Jayhawk Career Network, you help us reach and serve Jayhawks who need one another now more than ever.


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Featured Job

Human Resources Senior Manager

City of Boulder
The Human Resources Senior Manager leads the administration of Human Resources functions to ensure service delivery in alignment with strategies and department resources. Reporting to the Human Resources Director, the Senior Manager leads a team of ten talented HR professionals who deliver HR consulting, talent acquisition, labor relations, employee relations, talent development, and learning to the City’s employees.



Featured Jayhawk Business

Early Career & Internship Expo

Jayhawk: Tucker Trotter, f’97

Location: Overland Park, KS


Dimensional Innovations is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary firm that creates dynamic, engaging and interactive solutions that bring brands to life.


Support Dimensional Innovations and more KU businesses on the Jayhawk Business Directory.


Early Career & Internship Expo

This virtual event will allow Jayhawks to sign up for appointments and discover fantastic opportunities with all our employers. It’s never too early to connect with employers about possible internship opportunities, discuss full-time career opportunities or attend special student workshops designed to prepare you for your future.


10 a.m.-4 p.m.


Wednesday, Feb. 17

One Day. One KU.

Join Jayhawks from all over the world and show your KU spirit during our 24-hour giving campaign. Learn about different giving opportunities and ways you can multiply the impact of your gift. Contributions made between midnight and 11:59 p.m. CST on One Day. One KU. count toward the day’s total.


Thursday, Feb. 18

Unconscious Bias at Work: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Belongs

We are taught not to discuss sex, religion, or politics, but what we should have been taught was how to discuss sex, religion, and politics, especially in the workplace. No one likes conflict. Get equipped with tools to move from a space of comfort into curiosity proactively, and ultimately to embracing being uncomfortable.


11 a.m. CT
Thursday, Feb. 18

Raising Thrivers: Parenting Tips & Tools to Help Kids Thrive in An Uncertain World

Our kids are the smartest on record and the loneliest, most stressed, risk-averse, and depressed. We must rethink our parenting so they can thrive in an anxious, uncertain world. Learn how to help your child cope with everyday frustrations, solve problems, develop resourcefulness, bounce-back from failure, develop an optimistic spirit, and recognize their unique passion for increasing authentic confidence.


11 a.m. CT
Wednesday, Feb. 24

Living Lively: The Seven Points of Power to Nourish Our Potential

In this thought-provoking webinar, Haile Thomas, wellness + compassion activist, author, and international speaker, shares tools that target positive resistance, growth, and joy in what she calls the “7 Points of Power”. Beautiful and uplifting, Living Lively empowers us to take decisive, positive steps to nourish ourselves, each other, our communities, and the planet.


11 a.m. CT
Thursday, March 11

The Unspoken Rules: The Secret to Starting Your Career Off Right

Gorick Ng interviewed 500+ professionals across industries and job types to understand the unspoken rules that underpin successful careers. In this webinar, Gorick shares key insights and practical strategies that participants will be able to apply immediately to get further, faster in their careers.


11 a.m. CT
Tuesday, March 16

Save the date: Maximizing the Value of LinkedIn During Your Job Search

Originally a paid workshop but offered at no-cost to Jayhawks, Marty Gilbert, job search coach, will address a comprehensive LinkedIn job search plan in order to exploit the full power of the platform’s capabilities.


7-8:30 p.m. CT
Tuesday, April 7

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