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The KU Alumni Association’s website is more than just a website– it’s your connection to more than 300,000 other loyal Jayhawks through the online alumni community.


Did you know that you can register on our website and update your information? Registration is free for all alumni, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Registration also gives you access to search the online community to find classmates.


Find answers to your questions below. 

Profile Questions

First, check to see if you’re already registered.


Go to, enter your last name and click “Find.” 

In Step 2, you’ll see a list of alumni with your last name. If you see “already registered” next to your name, you can go straight to this page to log in. 


If there’s a circle button next to your name, click the button to fill the circle and then click “next” at the bottom of the page.


On Step 3, you’ll need to enter your 10-digit alumni ID. This is NOT the same number as your KU ID. It’s a number that our database assigns to your alumni record.


You can find this number on your KU Alumni membership card (paper card or digital card in the app), on the back of your Kansas Alumni magazine, or in a recent email from us. 


Or, contact us at to get your ID number.

Once you’re entered your alumni ID, click “Verify,” our system will verify your record and you’re in! 

Visit this page to log in.


You’ll need to enter your primary email address and password.


Your primary email address is the email where you receive emails from KU Alumni Association.

Once the system has verified your record and you’ve logged in, you can create and/or update your alumni profile.


Any information that is already in the KU Alumni database will be pre-populated.


Fill out your profile as completely as possible and update any information that’s outdated or incorrect—especially your email address and your mailing address.

If you’re already registered but can’t remember your password, click on the Reset Password link.


An email will be sent to your primary email address (the email address where you receive emails from KU Alumni) with instructions about how to reset your password.

To search the KU Alumni Online Directory, you need to log in first. 


Once you’ve logged in, click here to access the Online Directory. 


Input search criteria to search for fellow alumni.


You do not need to fill out all available fields. The more fields you fill out the more specific you can search, but you can search with any piece of information!


If the person has authorized others to contact them, you will see the option “send an email” by their name. 


The other person’s email address will not be displayed. Rather, a blind email box will appear that allows you to send an email to the other person through our system.

Share your news with your former classmates and fellow Jayhawks! Career changes, new jobs, weddings, births and more— submit your information here and it could be published in a future issue of Kansas Alumni magazine.

We want to make sure we’re sending the information you want to receive in your inbox.


To review the types of emails you might receive from KU Alumni Association and update your preferences, log in to your alumni profile.


Scroll down to Subscription Management to see a list of email categories. Click “Edit” to update your preferences.


Uncheck the box next to a category to opt-out of emails from that category.


You may also unsubscribe from all emails if you prefer, but we hope you won’t! Click save to update your preferences.


Please note: Even if the box is checked, it does not mean you’ll receive emails from that category. If you are not a current student, for example, you will not receive emails about the Student Alumni Network. 


Your 10-digit alumni ID is a number our database assigns to each record. It is not the same as your KU ID.


There are several ways to find your alumni ID:


  • In any email from the KU Alumni Association
  • On the back of your Kansas Alumni magazine
  • On your membership card
  • In the KU Alumni app under “Member Card” or “Alumni Card”


If you’re unable to locate your alumni ID, contact us at for assistance.

For most alumni, your username is your primary email address.


Your primary email address is the one where you receive emails from the KU Alumni Association.


If you are not receiving emails from KU Alumni, your primary email address may be an old email address that you no longer use. 


If you registered after June 1, 2019, your username may either your primary email address or a username that you set when you registered.


If you don’t remember your username, contact us at for assistance.

If you don’t remember your password, click here


An email with instructions will be sent to your primary email address (the one where you receive emails from the KU Alumni Association).


The email will come from If you have spam-blocking software in place that refuses emails from unknown sources, please add this address to your trusted senders to make sure the email is delivered.

The number of Flying Jayhawks on a trip can range from six to 50, but is typically somewhere in between. Some travel programs also include groups from other colleges and universities.

There are several reasons why you might not receive the email with instructions to reset your password.


  1. Verify that you are registered. If you are not already registered, you cannot reset your password. Try the first-time login process to make sure you are registered.

  2. Your primary email address in our system may not be the email you are currently using. If you don’t receive an email, it’s probably because the email you input is not the primary address in our system.

  3. Your spam-blocking software or your service provider blocked the email from being delivered, or it may be in your junk or spam folder.

As of April 2024, we are no longer producing physical membership cards. All members can access their membership card digitally through the KU Alumni app. Visit for instructions on how to access your membership card.


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