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Welcome to Flying Jayhawks Travel

What is Flying Jayhawks?

The Flying Jayhawks Program offers all graduates, former students, families and friends the chance to travel among the camaraderie of fellow Jayhawks through discovery, adventure and education.

The program provides enrichment through the exploration of other cultures and lifestyles while strengthening loyalty, friendship, commitment and communication among a unique community drawn together by KU.

The Flying Jayhawks Program welcomes anyone interested in travel; graduates, former students, families and friends. You need not hold a KU degree to travel with the Flying Jayhawks, but you must be a member of the KU Alumni Association.

Featured Destinations

Oct - Dec Destinations

Antiquities of the Red Sea and Aegean Sea

Oct 29 - Nov 11

Artifacts and Antiquities

Nov 1 - Nov 12

Journey to South Africa

Nov 2 - Nov 17

Egypt and the Ancient Nile

Nov 28 - Dec 8

Morocco: Land of Enchantment

Dec 3 - Dec 12

Holiday Markets Cruise

Dec 12 - Dec 20

Cuba and its People


2022 Destinations

Australia & New Zealand

Jan. 4-25, 2023

Antarctica Discovery

Jan. 4-15

Antarctica Discovery
(Limited Availability)

Jan. 13-24

Passage through the Panama Canal & Costa Rica

Jan. 30-Feb. 7

Legends of the Nile

Feb. 1-12

Tanzania Safari

Mar. 1-12

Legends to Lagoons

Mar. 7-17

Japan: Land of Cultural Treasures

Mar. 31-April 11

Renaissance to Rivieras

April 9-19

Dutch Waterways

April 22-30

Tuscany: Lucca, Carerra & the Cinque Terre

April 23-May 1

Kentucky Derby

May 4-8

Cruise the Heart of Europe

May 4-17

European Coastal Civilizations

May 11-20

Basque Country: Spain & France

May 14-22

Springtime in Provence

May 18-26

In the Wake of the Vikings & Gaels: Scotland & Iceland

May 28-June 6

Great Journey through Europe

June 28-July 8

Fjords & Seascapes

June 28-July 9

Jewels of the Rhine

July 11-19

The Open Championship

July 13-18

Oberammergau Passion Play & Cruising the Danube River

July 14-24

Alaskan Heritage & Wildlife

July 17-24

Medieval Montage: Baltics & Scandinavia

July 20-31

Africa's Wildlife

July 20-Aug. 2

Majestic Switzerland

Aug. 17-26

France ~ Normandy

Aug. 27-Sept. 4

Byzantine Antiquity: Venice to Istanbul

Sept. 3-14

Flavors of Northern Italy

Sept. 17-25

Iberian Treasures

Sept. 21-Oct. 2

Ancient Civilizations: Adriatic & Aegean Odyssey

Sept. 22-30

Cruising the Great Lakes

Sept. 24-Oct. 1

Vancouver to Toronto by Rail

Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Sept. 30-Oct. 3

Death Valley, Yosemite and the Great Parks of California

Oct. 2-9

Trade Routes of Coastal Iberia

Oct. 16-24

Machu Picchu to the Galápagos

Oct. 25-Nov. 9

Vietnam by Sea and Angkor Wat

Oct. 29-Nov. 12

Cuba and its People

Nov. 2-9

Egypt and the Ancient Nile River

Nov. 5-15

Rivieras and Retreats

Nov. 11-19

Holiday Markets Cruise

Dec. 4-12

2023 Destinations

Expedition to Antarctica

Jan. 4-17

Exploring Australia & New Zealand

Jan. 4-25

New Zealand & Circumnavigating the South Island

Jan. 14-25

Costa Rica's Natural Heritage

Jan. 21-31

Kiwi & Aussie Explorer

Jan. 30-Feb. 13

The Galapagos Islands - Western Itinerary

Feb. 14-21

The Pride of South Africa

Feb. 19-Mar. 6

Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Feb. 21-Mar. 4

Tahiti & French Polynesia Under Sail

Feb. 28-Mar. 10

Legends of the Nile

Feb. 28-Mar. 11

Journey to Southern Africa

Mar. 15-20

Cuba and its People

Mar. 10-17

Peru, Panama & Palms

Mar. 19-April 6

The Masters

April 5-8

Experience the Victory

April 7-10

Cruising the Canary Islands & Morocco

April 12-20

Antiquities of the Red Sea & Aegean Sea

April 14-27

Picturesque Mediterranean

April 14-24

Ancient Traditions of Japan's Inland Sea

April 18-29

Dutch Waterways

April 27-May 5

Normandy ~ France

May 13-21

Celtic Lands

May 18-27

Monaco Grand Prix

May 25-29

Western Gems of the Emerald Isle

May 5-June 6

The Charm of the Amalfi Coast

May 31-June 8

National Parks & Lodges of the Old West

June 1-9

Scottish Isles & Norwegian Fjords

June 9-17

Flavors of Northern Italy

June 10-18

Italy's Magnificent Lake District

June 20-28

Irish Inspiration

June 21-29

Circumnavigating Iceland

June 24-July 2

The Great Journey Through Europe

June 30-July 11

Dazzling Alaska

Aug. 8-18

Cruise the Rhine & Mosel Rivers

Aug. 9-20

Discover Southeast Alaska

Aug. 18-25

Alpine Splendor: Switzerland & Austria

Aug. 24-Sept. 6

Wonders of Peru

Sept. 14-25

The Canadian Maritimes

Sept. 17-28

Passions & Pursuits River Cruise

Sept. 19-28

Romance of the Douro

Sept. 19-30

The Mighty Mississippi

Oct. 1-16

Grand Danube Passage

Oct. 4-19

Island Life: In Ancient Greece

Oct. 10-18

Radiant Spain & Italy

Oct. 10-20

Croatia & The Dalmatian Coast

Oct. 17-28

Paradores & Pousadas

Oct. 21-Nov. 4

Polar Bears of Churchill

Nov. 1-6

Holiday Markets Cruise

Dec. 11-19

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