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Jayhawk Pet of the Month

Your pet could be our next Jayhawk Pet of the Month!

Share a photo of your pet showing off its KU spirit and tell us why it should be featured as our Jayhawk Pet of the Month. All pets are welcome!

Enter your pet by the 25th of each month for a chance to be featured. A new Jayhawk Pet of the Month will be featured each month, and we’ll also send a Jayhawk care package to each featured pet.

Pet of the Month is presented in partnership with our pet insurance provider, MetLife Pet Insurance via The Alumni Insurance Program.

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Current Pet of the Month:

He’s a fluffy, mischievous 12 week old Mini Goldendoodle. When we brought him home we put my son’s old Jayhawk baby blanket (our son is 9 now) in his dog bed so he would feel cozy and warm at night. He loves it and loves to snuggle with it! We will get him watching games soon!

— Jessica Trueblood


Current Pet of the Month
December 2021

Callie O’Malley is named after Disney’s Aristocats’ alley cat, Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley. Upon bringing her home for the first time, she had a fascination with the back alley of my apartment complex, hence her nick name, O’Malley the Alley Cat.

Callie, December Jayhawk Pet of the Month
Callie, Jayhawk Pet of the Month

— Parker Bednasek, c’18

Past Jayhawk Pet of the
Month Winners

April 2024 Jayhawk Pet

Roscoe is a miniature Golden Doodle and almost 2 years old. He is a smart, silly, rascal-devilish Doodle who loves to play fetch, tug and give us kisses. He loves wearing his Jayhawk t shirt on game days!

— Marcee Levin, j’82


March 2024 Jayhawk Pet

Even though she was born in Missouri, Nala quickly became a Jayhawk fan when she was adopted by the Frederick family in Lawrence. She is a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel who loves watching KU football and basketball games while snuggling with her family. Nala’s favorite cold weather fashion accessory is her warm and cozy Jayhawk sweater. Even after rolling in the snow, her Jayhawk spirit still shines through!

— Diana Frederick, c’82




February 2024 Jayhawk Pet

Juando is named after current KU point guard Dajuan Harris (our previous pup was named Doka, after Udoka Azubuike…). Juando is a twice-returned shelter dog, a super-high-energy pit/basset hound mix (among other things!) who is a great team player who rounds out our starting five (2 humans, 2 cats) in a wonderful way! While he is a Jayhawk through-and-through, he is arguably the most popular dog on the University of Cincinnati campus, where his Mom (Audrey, a KU grad like Dad Jason) is a new professor.

— Jason Franchuk, j’01


January 2024 Jayhawk Pet

James Naismith is a Teddy Bear bread and watches KU with his Dad!

— Duane Lockyer, c’03


December 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Winston Hinton is a 2-year-old adopted Rescue Sheltie. He and his KU Alumni Member humans (Michael & Tonya Hinton) call Hutchinson, KS home. Winston is a Kansas Jayhawk for life, and certifiably KU’s Biggest Fan and Spokesdog! Rock Chalk!

— Michael Hinton, j’89 


November 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Cap is 13 month old Cavachon puppy. He is a first cousin to our prior Cavachon, Luke Sky Walker. Cap loves to hang with the stone Jayhawk. As a high ranking Jedi, Captain Luke will bring the force to bear on all Jayhawk opponents.

— Brian K Walker, m’79 and Bonnie C Walker


October 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Just look at that smile! Mina is sweet, cuddly and playful. She enjoys watching sports on television and is looking forward to her first KU basketball game!

— Monica Ewy, c’92


September 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Banjo, a Cavapoo, is fiercely loyal and incredibly loving. He is passionate about the Jayhawks and jumps around when we are cheering! Banjo’s adult owners (Emily and Mark) are Lifetime Jayhawk Alumni Association members. Emily graduated from KU with a BS in Journalism in 2006, and Mark graduated from KU with a BA in Political Science in 2006. They met at KU and love sharing their passion for the school with their ten year old daughter and seven year old son. As a family, they visit Lawrence and attend KU football and basketball games.

— Emily Webster, j’06




August 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Iris is a 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff). She loves cheering for the Jayhawks in Northwest Arkansas! Her dad is a 2000 BS Ed KU Grad and Lifetime Jayhawk Alumni Association member. Rock Chalk!

— Thomas Barnes, d’00



August's Pet of the Month, Iris
August's Pet of the Month, Iris

July 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Libby is a kind and sweet dog who loves everyone! She loves coming to the KU campus whenever she can, especially since she is guaranteed a belly rub. Her favorite activities are chasing squirrels and snoozing on the couch.

— Palvih Bhana, j’02



Libby is the July pet of the month

June 2023 Jayhawk Pet

JHawk is 15 years old and was a puppy mill rescue in 2008. It was a good year for Jayhawks!

— Marlene Braunsdorf, n’71



May 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Teddy is a fun, loving 1-year-old Pomeranian who enjoys playing fetch, going on walks with the family, and snuggling.

— Daisy Selman, c’07




April 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Wasabi just turned 1 year old and runs the mean streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. He loves to play with bigger dogs, cuddle with his sister Maeve the Brave, and of course, root for the ‘Hawks!

— Jon Brubaker, c’05




March 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Teddy is a 13-year-old Maltipoo who was born on a farm outside of Columbia, Missouri, but has logged enough hours watching KU hoops with his mom and dad that he’s now an honorary Jayhawk!

My husband, Todd, and I both graduated from KU. Teddy isn’t a huge fan of when the family cheers and yells (loudly!) at the TV during basketball games, but he’ll take any cuddly couch time he can get.

— Elyse Bradley, c’07 j’07




February 2023 Jayhawk Pet

Chester likes wearing his “Beware of the Phog” collar he got for Christmas with his bling attached. He has watched a few football games on the Hill and enjoys both the excitement and the pets that come with game day. Chester turns 10 this month and is looking forward to another KU championship season!

— Joseph Thomas, c’10




January 2023 Jayhawk Pet

A senior rescue from Texas, Frankie is now happy to be repping the University of Kansas on the Upper West Side of New York City. While all the activity and excitement of urban life were a bit too much for her when she arrived two years ago, today Frankie loves city life and can’t wait to walk down to the Hudson River through scenic Riverside Park or over to Broadway where she might just find a pizza crust — if the rats haven’t gotten to it first! And of course cheer on her beloved Jayhawks whenever they’re on TV.

— Laura Bronson, j’89




December 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Joey is our super sweet boy who loves cheering for his Jayhawks. We found him at our local animal shelter and luckily, he picked us to be his forever family. As part of our pack, Joey quickly joined Jayhawk Nation. He loves to snuggle in his favorite blankie and “Waves the Wheat” with his tail when cheering for the ‘Hawks.

— Diane Geisen, c’82 s’84




November 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Lola is a 2-year-old Maltese-Shih Tzu who loves the Jayhawks! She is a COVID puppy who grew up a Jayhawk fan. Both of her siblings went to KU — one current and one graduated. She has visited the KU campus multiple times and loves walking around Massachusetts Street and Jayhawk Boulevard.

— Amanda Simon, a senior from Omaha, Nebraska



Lola and her owner, Amanda Simon, in front of a Jayhawk statue
Lola sits in the Jayhawk nest in Ascher Plaza

October 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Here’s Tilly tailgating before KU Football’s opener vs. Tennessee Tech. She loves playing catch, keep-away, chasing anything that moves or flies (including squirrels), eating and snuggling. She always puts her game face on when she hears the “Rock Chalk” chant. Go, Jayhawks!

— Rob Strand, c’75




September 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Finley is a 2-and-a-half-year-old standard poodle that we found on Craigslist in Tennessee during the pandemic. He is all about having fun and helping others — he helped us through the pandemic. Here he is having fun helping Monarch Watch with their research, conservation and education efforts. September is the Month of the Monarch in Lawrence!

— Kevin Nelson, b’82 g’93



August 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Odin grew up in Lawrence but moved to southeast Kansas with his mom after she graduated KU Law in 2015. He loved going to tailgates for home football games (he was mostly in it for the hotdogs). Odin helped his mom graduate law school and study for the bar exam (he is a big believer in the importance of study breaks). He was sad to leave Lawrence but glad to find out that he was moving to the same town his grandma and grandpa live in! His Grandpa Phillip is a big KU fan too, having graduated from KU with a degree in biology. Odin now has a sister, Ruth Beagle Ginsburg, who is his best friend (after mom).

— Anita Chappuie, c’12, l’15

Pet of the Month: Odin wearing a bowtie
Pet of the Month: Odin wearing a Jayhawk handkerchief

July 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Walter wore his KU jersey during march madness. He was so pawsitive the whole time. He loves birds, especially Jayhawks! Walter loves to watch KU basketball with his mom who is a 2019 grad. He is still teaching his little sister, Lily, to Wave the Wheat.

— Madison Elliott, b’19

Pet of the Month: Walter
Pet of the month: Walter

June 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Penny loves to go on walks, swim in the lake, and chase squirrels. She never says no to a pup cup, and always has fun cheering on the Jayhawks with her family. Rock Chalk!

— Julia Harris

May 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Winston is a 4-month old Sheltie, born at Sheltie Shack Rescue, a non-profit Sheltie Dog Rescue located in Shell Knob, Missouri. He was adopted in February 2022. Winston is one of the biggest KU Jayhawk fans, with a proud collection of Jayhawk chew toys, collars and apparel. Winston became a ‘Facebook Icon’ on the ‘Sheltie Group’ pages during the March Madness NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: posting, watching and barking the Jayhawks on to their National Championship Win!

— Michael, ’89, and Tonya Hinton

April 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Pierce Lightfoot is a 2-year-old white boxer born and raised in Boston. His name comes from Jayhawk and Celtics great Paul Pierce and current Jayhawk Mitch Lightfoot. He loves watching the Jayhawks on TV and has come close to breaking the TV trying to chase the basketball he sees on the screen during a game. He might look like a big dog but he’s a 70-pound lap dog who loves his cuddles and belly rubs.

— Leo Buckley, g’20

March 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Introducing Udoka AzuCorgi, a.k.a Little Dok!

There is tremendous pressure on Little Dok. After all, he is the little brother of Phog Allen Fieldhouse & Frank Devonte Mason Graham RCJH, Esquire. BIG PAWS to fill – to say the least! So far, the little man has embraced his Jayhawk Fandom and we expect even “bigger” things from him down the road.

— Pat Sullivan, j’92

February 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Mocha Frappe is an Australian Shepherd mix who loves to play and get lots of pets and attention! She will be four years old in March and can be found doing zoomies to show off or following her mom around begging for table food and peanut butter. She is the sweetest pup with the best disposition and loves everyone including the Jayhawks!!

— Molly Kuplen, d’11

January 2022 Jayhawk Pet

Pancake has been a Jayhawk fan since birth, as her mom and dad got her when they were both students at KU. In her time in Lawrence, she loved walks down Jayhawk Blvd., licking James Naismith’s foot outside the DeBruce center, and finding a nice tree for shade near Potter Lake.

Now that Pancake has graduated and moved on to the pawfessional world, she collects her hard earned paycheck, in the form of belly rubs and peanut butter. Her hobbies include going to the dog park with her friends and cheering on the Jayhawks!

— Jackie, b’19, and Sean Moore, c’19

Jackie and Sean Moore with Pancake

December 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Callie O’Malley is named after Disney’s Aristocats’ alley cat, Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley. Upon bringing her home for the first time, she had a fascination with the back alley of my apartment complex, hence her nick name, O’Malley the Alley Cat.

I adopted Callie during the start of the pandemic when the social isolation hit everyone pretty hard. I was going through so much more than social isolation at the time, and Callie helped me regain a purpose to life. She helps remind me to have fun by chasing bugs in the grass outside my porch, she motivates me to wake up in the morning by “making biscuits” or kneading her paws on me when my alarm goes off, and she gives me a sense of responsibility to ensure she comes inside at night after chasing mice with her boyfriend, the next door neighbor’s cat. My Callie O’Malley is always lighting up the day and I don’t know where I would have been without her.

— Hannah Sevart, c’21

Callie, December Jayhawk Pet of the Month
Callie, Jayhawk Pet of the Month

November 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Indy is a husky-lab mix from Lawrence. She loves rooting for her Jayhawks! Indy’s favorite activity is going for runs on the KU campus.

— Parker Bednasek, c’18

Indy, November Jayhawk Pet of the Month
Indy, Jayhawk Pet of the Month

October 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Junior’s full name is ‘Jayhawk Junior Oliver.’ He is a French Brittany that loves to socialize, play, swim, and squirrel watch. You can visit Junior at Topiary Tree or Kansas Insurance in Lawrence on his work days. Junior and I participate in the annual Lawrence Humane Society 5K. In addition to watching his Jayhawks play he enjoys cheering on the Chiefs as well. 

I am a Lawrence native; I graduated from high school here and then graduated from the KU School of Business in 2016. I am so happy to still be in town working at Kansas Insurance. I enjoy attending KU events and community chamber events as well.

— Alyson Oliver, b’16

Jayhawk "Junior" Oliver Jayhawk Pet of the Month
Jayhawk "Junior" Oliver Jayhawk Pet of the Month

September 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Finley is a goldendoodle who lives in Manhattan. Although he lives in Wildcat country, he is true Crimson and Blue through and through-just like his humans. Since Finley turns 7 in September, being the Jayhawk Pet of the Month is a great birthday present.

Rain, snow, or shine, Finley loves to catch frisbees in the backyard and isn’t shy about showing off his skills. He loves sitting on the deck and watching the world go by. Finley knows no stranger and is ready to greet anyone who comes to the door with Jayhawk hospitality

— Michelle, j’92, Shon, b’91, l’94, Ben, ’22, Lauren and Will

Finley Jayhawk Pet of the Month

August 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Bo Jackson Brown is a 9 year old Shichon. He loves his family so much, but is sad when his two brothers go back to KU in the fall and he can’t see them as much. He loves traveling, ice cream, and his brothers. His dislikes are thunderstorms, fireworks, and being alone.

— Tricia Brown

August Pet of the Month, Bo

July 2021 Jayhawk Pet

JoJo is a 3 1/2 year old French Bulldog living in Chicago. JoJo is a huge KU fan just like her dad, Jack, c’16. Although we live in Chicago, JoJo loves to rep the Jayhawks by sporting her KU jersey, lounging in her KU chair, or snuggling under her KU blanket.

— Jennifer Bohm and Jack Caldwell, c’16

JoJo, July Jayhawk Pet of the Month

June 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Larry (short for Lawrence, Kansas) is a rescue dog named for the city that houses the university where his parents Julia, c’14, j’14, and Jake, c’14, PhD’18, met. He ONLY sleeps wrapped up in his Jayhawk blanket, which he claimed as his own the first night we brought him home. His hobbies include watching KU basketball and football on TV, playing with toys, snoring during naps, chasing squirrels in the backyard and keeping his Instagram account updated. He’s missing a few teeth so his tongue is ALWAYS out.

— Julia Thompson, c’14, j’14

Larry, Jayhawk Pet of the Month June 2021

May 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Jett is an energetic three-year-old Boston Terrier who has spent most of his life in Lawrence. He loves going on walks all over town – especially campus!

— Laura Smith, b’10

Jett, May Pet of the Month

April 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Lida Rose is a big KU fan just like her mama! She loves to sport her scarf and rep the Jayhawks. Being only four months old she loves to play with toys, chew, take walks, and chew some more! Rock Chalk!

— Aimee Lemmon-Lyming, g’19

Lida Rose, Jayhawk Pet of the Month April 2021

March 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Molly is a seven year old black lab and LOVES to swim. Molly should be the Jayhawk pet because her favorite swimming spot is, of course, the Chi Omega fountain! She is a strong supporter of KU athletics and never misses a football or basketball game.

— Hayley Engelland, ’24

February 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Phog and Allie are named for the best place on earth. They were born two weeks apart at the same farm so might as well be sisters. While at KU, I only missed one home basketball game in my four years, and I’ve attended at least one game (home or away) every year since graduating. While I live in Virginia now, everyone gets to hear about their Jayhawk roots and namesake whenever we greet Hokies on our walks! Often mistaken for Kentucky (boo) when I wear my KU gear, I proudly explain that I’m actually a Kansas engineering alum, and we have the better basketball squad! Rock Chalk!

— Alexandra Hyler, e’13, Life member

January 2021 Jayhawk Pet

Lola always shows her Jayhawk spirit no matter what season! Lola is a nine-year-old chihuahua who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. She can frequently be caught watching the Jayhawks play or snuggled up in her bed dozing away in the sunlight.

— Janice Garrett, d’71, Life member

November 2020 Jayhawk Pet

Phog is a three year old Labrador Retriever. He’s a big sweetie who loves to tailgate at football games.

— Bryce Abbott, c’80, Life and Presidents Club member

October 2020 Jayhawk Pet

Charlotte is a sheepadoodle who is almost 1.5 years old! She currently lives in Lawrence with her dog dad, Dillon. Her favorite things include going to the dog park with friends, belly rubs, all things peanut butter, and pup cups. (And the Jayhawks of course.)

— Dillon Davis, c’14, Premium Annual Member

September 2020 Jayhawk Pet

Maggie Rose has been my service dog for eight years. Maggie Rose gets a kick in her step and a little extra sass every time we walk down Jayhawk Boulevard. This spring, we graduated after 9.5 years in and out of KU. Maggie Rose taught me how to enjoy small blessings like a good game of fetch in the front grass of Fraser and how to make friends everywhere by smiling. She is my hero and is a world class Jayhawk!

— Cele Fryer, c’20, Gift Member

August 2020 Jayhawk Pet

Phog (or Phoggy as we call her) was from our area shelter and she was so happy to join our Jayhawk home! She loves watching the Jayhawks play basketball while wearing her KU sweater! She even has her own Instagram page,, where she can share her love for KU!

— Denise Gabel-Comeau, c’94, Premium Annual Member

May 2020 Jayhawk Pet

Meet Phog Allen Fieldhouse, our first Jayhawk Pet of the Month! Phog’s human, Pat Sullivan, j’92, considers himself KU’s biggest fan, so it’s no surprise that his four-legged friend would be named after the Jayhawk basketball barn.

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