Wintermote Volunteer Award

This annual award recognizes network volunteers who demonstrate extraordinary leadership to their network and the KU Alumni Association during a one-year period.


Dick Wintermote, c’51, served as the executive director of the Association from 1963 to 1983. His legacy represents the importance of building a strong volunteer network and establishing the KU Alumni Association as one of the premier associations of graduates in the country.

Award Recipients

2007 — Eric Keller, b’87, Great Plains Network
2007 — Henry Menghini, c’87, Tri-State Network
2007 — Annessa Staab, c’99, Chicago Network
2007 — Keith Worley, a’83, a’84, Central North Carolina Network
2008 — Luke Bobo, e’82, Black Alumni Network
2008 — Larry Chaney, b’88, Santa Fe Trail Network
2008 — Scott Lundgren, e’94, Portland Network
2008 — Stephanie Rawe, b’96, Greater Kansas City Network
2009 — Adam Balentine, c’06, and Erik Niemann, a’95, San Francisco Network
2009 — Jeff Foster, c’88, Greater Kansas City Network
2009 — Wing Hung “Jolita” Sun, b’02, g’03, Hong Kong Network
2009 — Larry Tenopir, d’72, g’78, Shawnee County Network
2010 — Will Cook, d’02, Chicago Network
2010 — Monique Garcia, c’96, Wichita and Hispanic Alumni Networks
2010 — Douglas Glass, c’95, New York Network
2010 — Jeanne McCready Mitchell, f’96, Denver Network
2010 — Wayne Simien, c’05, general support of Network programs
2011 — Ryan Colaianni, c’07, j’07, Washington, D.C., Network
2011 — Greg Ek, b’76, Greater Kansas City Network
2011 — Rick Erwin, ’77, Great Plains Network
2011 — Delbert Powell, e’97, Omaha Network
2011 — Tom Vaughn, g’78, l’78, Black Alumni Network
2012 — Ryan Pfeiffer, j’02, Greater Kansas City Network
2012 — Nancy Hoff Scott, c’71, Tri-State Network
2013 — Rita Holmes-Bobo, b’82, g’84, Black Alumni Network
2013 — Kent Colvin, assoc., Southwest Kansas Network
2013 — Mike Denning, c’83, Veterans Alumni Network
2013 — Steve Dillard, c’75, Wichita Network
2013 — Sean O’Grady, j’04, Denver Network
2014 — Chris Colyer, b’04, l’09, Phoenix Network
2014 — Bevan Graybill, c’08, Oklahoma City Network
2014 — Nick Kallail, d’04, l’07, Dallas Network
2014 — Phil Moran, e’80, Houston Network
2015 — Jim Brown, j’92, Greater Kansas City Network
2015 — Tom Schroeder, b’78, Southeast Kansas Network
2015 — Jim Trower, b’77, North Central Kansas Network
2016 — Matt Taylor, b’98, g’03, Greater Kansas City Network
2017 — Kate Feller McSwain, b’12, Dallas Network
2017 — Brandon Petz, b’06, g’07, Lawrence Network
2017 — Camille Nyberg, c’96, g’98, Wichita Network
2018 — Paul Brickler, a’02, St. Louis Network
2018 — Mary Ann Caram, c’04, j’04, Oklahoma City Network
2018 — Chris Longino, b’06, Tampa Network
2018 — Andrew Nolan, c’95, l’98, Wichita Network
2018 — Joyce Davis Pulley, c’77, Sacramento Network

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