Gold Medal Club Reunion

Gold Medal Club Reunion 2018

Gold Medal Club Reunion

Celebrating 50-plus years as a KU graduate.

The Gold Medal Club welcomes alumni on their 50th anniversary of graduation. Each year, the Club hosts a Gold Medal Club Reunion to celebrate our alumni who have surpassed 50 years of graduation and to elect the slate of new officers.

The 2021 Gold Medal Club Reunion has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We hope to resume the reunion in the spring of 2022.

To receive information about future reunion events, make sure your alumni record is up to date.

If you have questions, please contact Michelle Lang, director of alumni programs, at or 785.864.9769 (toll-free 800.584.2957).

Active membership in the KU Alumni Association is encouraged. If you are not a current member, please consider joining to support our ability to host future reunion events. If you have questions about your membership status, please contact the Alumni Association at 785.864.4760 or 800.584.2957.

50-Year Scholarship Fund

As you reflect on KU’s storied traditions and look toward the future, we want you, the Class of 1971, to create a permanent legacy. Today, we ask you to consider making a gift toward the 50-Year Class Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for deserving KU undergraduates.

About two-thirds of KU students receive financial aid. Last year, 6,000 students received endowed scholarships that totaled $31 million.

Please consider a gift of $171 or any amount significant to you. All donations made, whether to this fund or elsewhere, are tracked as part of the total gift of the Class of 1971. You are already part of KU’s proud past; we invite you to be a part of its future.

You may make your donation online at or contact Rhonda Gillespie at or 785.832.7403.

History of the Gold Medal Club

KU alumni who had passed their 50th class anniversary met for the first time in 1929. They agreed to hold such Senior Alumni Reunions every five years, a schedule they followed in 1934 and 1939. In the interim years, they were guests at the 50-year class reunions.

During the war year of 1944 the group did not meet, but in 1949 members formed the Gold Medal Club, as we now know it. The Club met for the first time at a dinner on June 5, 1949, with Professor E. F. Engel, 1892 graduate, as toastmaster and arrangements committee chairman. Approximately 50 people attended.

The Club’s purposes, as stated at its founding, are “to hold annual meetings at Commencement for social enjoyment and for the transaction of the business of the club, to seek ways and means of furthering the interests of the alma mater and to offer counsel in any matters affecting those interests, and to lend support to projects pertaining to University welfare.”

More than 50 years later, the Club continues to thrive and welcome new members.

2019-20 Officers and Counselors

Martha “Marty” Fee, c’55, Hutchinson

First Vice President
Harry Gibson, e’64, g’66, Lawrence

Second Vice President
Alicia Laing Salisbury, c’61, Topeka

2017 Elected Counselors
James Duncan, e’55, Leawood
Beverly Sue Brownlee, d’55, g’58, Prairie Village

2018 Elected Counselors
Marcia Fink Anderson, n’60
Don Brada, c’61, MD’65, m’72

2019 Elected Counselors
Don Culp, j’60, l’65
Sandy Praeger, d’66

Advisory Board
Kay Cronkite Barnes, d’60, Kansas City
William “Bill” Benso, e’58, Lawrence
Dick Bond, c’57, l’60, Overland Park
Warren Corman, e’50, Lawrence
Don Johnston, b’56, l’66, Lawrence
Audrey Hansen Langworthy, d’60, g’62, Prairie Village
Beverly Jennings Logan, c’52, s’83, Olathe
Eleanor Hawkinson Lowe, c’57, Mission Hills
Gary W. Padgett, b’55, Greenleaf
Diane Worthington Simpson, c’57, l’83, Lawrence
Kala Mays Stroup, c’59, g’64, PhD’74, Lawrence
Roger D. Warren, c’54, m’57, Hanover
Judy Duncan Stanton, a’61, Prairie Village

Past Presidents of the Gold Medal Club

1949 – Professor E.F. Engel, 1892 (Chairman)
1950 – Irving Hill, c1896
1951 – C.C. Brown, 1896
1952 – John Kane, 1900
1953 – Hugh Means, l1895
1954 – Porter Fones, 1900, 1902
1955 – Herman Langworthy, c1902, g1903
1956 – Leslie J. Lyons, l1900
1957 – Carmie Wolfe, 1903
1958 – Clare Cowley, c1904
1959 – C. Dodds, c1904
1960 – John Gage, 1907
1961 – Dr. Milton B. Miller, c1908
1962 – John W. Lapham, 1907
1963 – John B. Gage, 1907
1964 – N.T. “Tom” Veatch, e1909
1965 – Edward L. Griffin, c1911, e1912, g1913
1966 – Ralph Scamell, e1911
1967 – Albert P. Learned, e1910, g’30
1968 – Edward Boddington, a’14, l’16
1969 – Kenneth Dodderidge, l’17
1970 – Kenneth Dodderidge, l’17
1971 – J. Neale Carman, c’17, g’21
1972 – Edwin F. Price, c’19
1973 – Carl V. Rice, l’18
1974 – Arthur C. Lonborg, l’21
1975 – Ernst Uhrlaub, c’21, g’40
1976 – Spencer Gard, l’22
1977 – Paul Endacott, e’23
1978 – Kelvin Hoover, c’23
1979 – Virginia Docking Rice, d’24
1980 – Raymond Nichols, c’26, g’28
1981 – John W. “Twink” Starr, c’27
1982 – Louise Saltmarsh Baltis, c’24
Balfour Jeffrey, c’28
1984 – A.H. “Red” Cromb, b’30
1985 – Laurence C. Woodruff, c’24, g’30

1986 – Ted Sanborn, b’26
1987 – Josephine Rankin, d’31
1988 – Henry Shenk, d’28
1989 – Elizabeth Jeffrey Jenkins, c’32
1990 – Ernest J. Gilles, b’33
1991 – Marjorie Stacy Nation, d’33
1992 – Paul Wilbert, c’36, l’38
1993 – William H. Avery, c’34
1994 – Elmer C. Jackson, Jr., c’33, l’35
1995 – Robert Quinn Rohde, c’39
1996 – Mildred Clodfelter, b’41
1997 – John M. Wall, b’28, l’31
1998 – Ray (Ping) Senate, c’34
1999 – Claudine (Scottie) Scott Lingelbach, b’44
2000 – Charles “Chuck” Wright, f’41
2001 – Lee W. Huddleston, b’41
2002 – Elon M. Torrence, j’39
2003 – Judge Richard D. “Dick” Rogers, l’47
2004 – Mary E. Turkington, j’46
2005 – Glee S. Smith, Jr., c’43, l’47
2006 – Larry Winn, Jr., c’41
2007 – Otto O. Schnellbacher, Sr., d’48
2008 – Dick Wintermote, c’51
2009 – Don Fambrough, d’48
2010 – William “Bill” M. Hougland, b’52
2011 – Beverly Jennings Logan, c’52, s’83
2012 – Gary W. Padgett, b’55
2013 – Dick Bond, c’57, l’60
2014 – Marilyn Mundon Breidenthal, d’57
2015 – William “Bill” Benso, e’58
2016 – Roger D. Warren, c’54, m’57
2017 – Audrey Hansen Langworthy, d’60, g’62, Prairie Village
2018 – Don Johnston, b’56, l’66, Lawrence
2019 – Judy Duncan Stanton, a’61, Prairie Village

Plan a reunion

If you are interested in initiating a reunion for your class year, affinity or special-interest group, residence hall or living group, school or department, the Association is happy to help. For more information, check out our list of frequently asked questions or contact Michelle Lang, director of alumni programs, at 785.864.9769 or