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Copy the Leader: Tyler Patmon

Jayhawks in leadership positions are everywhere you look, including through the Jayhawk Career Network. KU Alumni, in partnership with SumnerOne, is highlighting Jayhawk leaders who are models for others in their industries with our “Copy the Leader” program.

Tyler Patmon is President of Camp Exposure, a faith-based, holistic youth development program exposing underserved student-athletes to the knowledge needed to discover their identity beyond sports.

What do you do in your work?

My name is Tyler Patmon. I am a former football coach and NFL veteran. I am the CEO of Camp Exposure, a Faith-based, holistic athlete development organization. The mission of our organization is to help athletes discover their identity, purpose, and worth beyond sports. My vision in life is to cultivate environments where people have access to knowledge and resources that help them discover their identity and operate fully in their purpose. I dedicate my time to creating and developing platforms and organizations to make these resources accessible.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

There are many qualities that create a great leader, but I will give you my top three.

●      Communication Skills. Without being able to properly communicate the mission, vision, and operations expectations of the organization or team, I truly believe you can’t be an effective leader. A great leader excels at creating clarity and understanding among team members of how their role fits within that mission and vision. Equally crucial is the leader’s capacity to effectively communicate with the public and customers the importance of their organization’s mission and vision and the impact it will create.

●      Understanding Purpose & Position. I believe a great leader has to understand the connection between their purpose and the collective work within the organization. They must have an authentic concern for their team members, actively assisting them in uncovering their purpose within the organization as well. A great leader also understands their position and the importance of delegating tasks, allowing others to take charge and lead.

●      Faith & Discernment. It is crucial for leaders to possess an unshakable belief in their work and purpose, enabling them to persevere through challenging times. However, it is equally important for them to exhibit discernment, recognizing the moments to adapt or pivot their approach. A great balance between unwavering faith and astute discernment is the key to effective leadership.

How do you practice leadership at your job?

Improving my communication skills has been a major focus for me lately. It’s crucial to me that people feel valued and recognized for their hard work. I’ve made it a habit to consistently express appreciation and remind individuals of the positive impact they’re making. Whether it’s through emails or phone conversations, I seize every opportunity to practice this simple yet powerful gesture. Additionally, I’ve learned to prioritize effective communication by consistently referring back to our shared vision. I try to avoid focusing so much on personal opinions and instead keep the conversations centered on aligning with our overarching goals. This approach helps foster clarity among team members and ensures we’re all working towards a common purpose.

What makes a team or group successful?

I strongly believe that humility plays a crucial role in team success. How willing are you to set aside your ego and pride to do the job/task that was assigned to you, all for the betterment of the mission, vision, and organization? If we all adopt a humble mentality and recognize the equal worth of every individual, we can set aside our differences and work together at an exceptional level. By everyone understanding that they truly matter, it can ignite a powerful sense of self-worth and create an elevated drive to excel!

How can leaders in your industry help their organizations adapt to change?

By making education on their industry part of our meetings to ensure we’re always in the loop. Adapting is crucial, and understanding the reasons behind it is equally important. Again, it goes back to communication. By collectively investing time in expanding our knowledge about industry happenings, we will be able to strategize together on creative and innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve.

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